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Social Content Marketing

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How does social media copy differ from content in general? Well, the keyword is social in this respect. Whilst your website may have content that is specific to products and services, your blog may have content on there that is more ‘social’ and by this I mean share able & reachable. If you’re a user of social media, you may well have shared something with your friends/contacts that you think would be of interest to them, either that you sourced yourself or that was shared with you by someone else. This viral effect is basically the ultimate goal of social content. Imagine there’s a page on your site/blog that is passed around your friends, to their friends and on to the wider world – your site traffic would hit the roof!

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Creating this share able & reachable content is a particular skill. Whilst it needs to create awareness of your company and its services, it can’t be a blatant advert (who would want to share that??) and needs to pique interest in a wide range of people. Useful, informative, witty or moving – these are the elements that will get your message to the world and as you can imagine, it’s not the easiest skill to apply when your company sells buckets or copper piping.

Not every post is going to set the world ablaze but maintain a steady flow of social content and your web traffic and potential customers will grow.

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Twitter best practices implementation checkbox checkbox checkbox
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LinkedIn promotion - checkbox checkbox
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