Pocket Guide: 3 Tips to Help Your Website Redesign Planning & Progress

Pocket Guide: 3 Tips to Help Your Website Redesign Planning & Progress
3 Tips to Help Your Website Redesign Planning
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When you are considering a complete redesign for your business website, one of the first things that you will have to consider is finding a designer who will do a good job for you.

Your business site is one of your most important assets, and certainly your most important property on the internet. For that reason you want to ensure that your new version is a significant improvement over the previous one.

However, a successful site redesign involves far more than just aesthetic improvements. So when you start looking for a professional in Brisbane to carry out the work on your site, there are many things above and beyond their design skills that you should consider.

Customer Engagement
Customer engagement

Customer engagement is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to successful website design. Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but irrespective of whether they produce beautiful sites or not, you may want to ask them to look over your current site and advise on how they would help you to engage with your customers more effectively.

They may make suggestions such as:

  • Adding a blog
  • Making sure that the call to actions are displayed prominently
  • Creating a sign-up form to start growing your email list
  • Adding more professional images to the main pages

You will be able to tell quickly whether they really know how to assist you in engaging with your customers better, so make sure you ask them.

Website Conversion Optimization
Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is a complex and specialized area that is crucial to the success of any e-commerce site.

It involves incorporating various aspects to the site as a whole and individual pages in order to increase the amount of conversions that you make, whether these are sales of your products or sign-ups to your list.

Someone with experience in this area may suggest crucial changes to the:

  • Navigation
  • Page layout
  • Positioning of product images
  • Prevalence of call to actions
  • Overall ease of use

These aspects are just some of the areas where improvements can be made to improve conversion optimisation, and this could have a huge effect on your overall sales.

Website Testing Tools

Some designers will test your existing site before they make any changes, and if they are skilled in this area it could have a huge impact on the success of your new site.

There are many options available when it comes to testing a website. Some tools allow designers to find out more about visitor activity while they are on your website, mainly through where they are clicking on the mouse.

They may find certain links that are receiving a lot of attention, and other areas of the web pages that are being ignored. This data can be especially important when it comes to making changes to the main landing page.

Others may use A/B split testing tools when they start to create your new website design. These allow them to create entirely different versions of your website so that visitors will be presented with different options. How the visitors react to the websites will determine which features are proving to be the most successful, and these can then be implemented across the whole website.

7 Useful Tools for Web Testing Tools:

  1. WebSitePulse Test Tools - [button link="http://www.websitepulse.com/" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  2. XenoCode Browser Sandbox - [button link="http://www.xenocode.com/browsers/" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  3. Firebug Firefox Extension - [button link="http://getfirebug.com/" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  4. Load Impact - [button link="http://loadimpact.com/" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  5. Safari Web Inspector - [button link="http://www.apple.com/safari/" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  6. Web Developer Firefox Extension - [button link="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60" window="false" size="small"]Click to Test[/button]
  7. W3C Validation Services

W3C Markup Validation
W3C CSS Validation
W3C mobileOK Checker
W3C Link Checker
W3C Feed Validation Service

Make sure your redesign is a significant improvement

Website Redesign

It is all well and good to get a new site that looks modern and professional. However, there is far more to a successful website that its appearance. So keep the above factors in mind when you are choosing a designer for your redesign as they are all crucial aspects to consider.

Ryan Gray is managing director of Argonyx. Argonyx Studios is a team of professional brisbane web designers committed to using the latest technology, concepts and industry standards for the implementation of cutting edge online solutions.

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Samuel Pustea
Samuel Pustea

Sometimes some brands need a re-design just to boost their new look for their brand.

One example that I can think of a new design, not exactly a website but ya feel me, that has taken a turn for the good is Cumberland Farms.

They have done an excellent job in doing that and has even me hooked with their products just because they got me curious with their new "look".

Keep up the good work!

Samuel from Internet Dreams