Inbound Marketing: What You Need To Know About Buyer Personas

Inbound Marketing: What You Need To Know About Buyer Personas
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Why You Need to Develop Your Buyer Persona

B2B and B2C companies who have transitioned to internet marketing campaigns have realized that SEO and utilizing keyword optimization offers a better targeting of prospective customers. Although the market is still far from being saturated, there’s no doubt that the competition has increased online and it’s getting harder to target audiences based solely on keywords alone.

Benefits of Buyer Personas

Enter the utility of understanding your buyer persona(s) and the appropriate metrics that allow you to devise a lead generation campaign that is actionable and aligned with your business objectives and buyer personas.

Much like a demographic profile, your buyer persona is all about getting to know your audience:

  • What is their biggest concern? What about primacy concerns?
  • What language do they use?
  • What is the biggest pain point?
  • What are some of the most common questions they raise about your product or service?
  • Age range?
  • Industry and profession or job title

The benefits of developing and understanding your buyer personas will be across all of your marketing channels, including PPC, Social Media Marketing (SMM), On-Page and Content Marketing. For example:

  • If you run Pay-Pay-Click ads and / or campaigns, having accurate persona information will allow you to truly target the correct audience and reduce the amount of clicks that cost you money but go nowhere.
  • Having accurate buyer personas is an absolute must if you want to be successful in your efforts on social media – you have to know who you are talking to, where, and what is important to them if you want to start conversations and build lasting relationships.
  • Any content marketing on your site becomes significantly more powerful and effective when all content is created with your buyer persona in mind.

The Most Important Thing Buyer Persona Identifies

The first thing is determining how your product or service is fulfilling your persona’s need or solves their problem. How are you different from the competition and why should they buy from what – what do they gain by choosing you?

Secondly, understanding your buyer persona means knowing their pain points. Being familiar and knowing your customer’s pain points and being able to offer a solution will do wonders for establishing a base of happy and loyal customers. If you can integrate their pain points into what you offer, you product has separated itself from the rest.

Embrace Buyer Personas Early

Early adopters of internet marketing efforts and SEO saw huge benefits and less competition until the rest of the world took notice of the importance of having a presence on the web. Currently, there is a relative lack of B2B companies who are integrating buyer persona research into their marketing programs – which is why those who begin now will have the early advantage.

Improve the effectiveness of your current marketing program, from social media to SEO by developing your buyer persona(s) today and achieve seamless integration early on.

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Aravinth is Co-Founder for @IVdotcom. He has worked for several international, national and regional clients and received a Master's Degree, Internet Marketing from the Full Sail University.

Hi Jennnifer, nice post. You are completely on target about beating the competition in creating buyer personas in B2B. Tamar, Insightera