Be Ready to Welcome Change with Magento 2.0

Be Ready to Welcome Change with Magento 2.0
Magento 2.0 Developing Paradise
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Its only been 5 years since Magento was first launched in the online marketplace, and its already ruling the roost as the most favored business solution that has been downloaded more than 4 Million times till date. There are so many reasons that have contributed to the success this open source solution but that is something you have read over and over again. This post doesn’t blabber about it anymore. It talks about the never ending innovative spirit of the Magento community. It aims at introducing you to the new kid on the block- Magento 2.0. What’s new in the latest version of the CMS? What advanced features does it bring to surface? Well, the answer lies in close analysis of the feature set of the upgraded open source web technology. So, here’s brief overview of the enticing features which the 2.0 version of the CMS has at its disposal.

Performance Enhancement: Many developers recognize Magento as a ‘resource hungry’ platform that renders less efficiency. Identifying this issue and addressing it, 2.0 upgrade will come with 20% more power and efficiency as compared to the 1.x versions of the platform. This news has excited both end-users and developers, and industry experts feel that this prompt more people to choose this CMS as the development platform for their web ventures and custom Magento development will get a boost.

Component Oriented Architecture: Major modules such as CMS, checkout, catalog, customers etc. will be included as components in the upcoming version of the platform. And the best part is that they will be coupled within each other with high-end coding. This means, if you don’t want a module you can simply get rid of it and create one of your own. You need not install the entire component or hunt for tweaks and hacks to customize the existing code of Magento 2.0. This ensures that your site has a clean code base and functions more efficiently.

Compatibility for Multiple Platforms: With Zend Framework 1.0 and PHP 5.3 in it’s back-end this upgraded version of the CMS comes with a full-swing support for various databases including Oracle and MSSQL. This comes as a welcome change for users who are operating on Windows Platform Server. Making the CMS compatible with multiple servers, the CMS has paved way for seeking support from more and more platforms in the near future.

Automated Testing: Previously, automated testing for Integration, Unit Testing and Functional and Performance testing was a gruesome task in Magento 1.x series. But things are different in the 2.0 version. Automated testing has been made easy to set up and conduct.

Directories Structure: Mgento 1.x series has also been using Zend Framework in the background but it is pretty difficult to realize as the directory structure of the series is quite different than than of Zend. In 2.0 version, however, directories have been structured in a manner resembling that of the Framework. This is a good news for firms that render Magento development services and theme customization as elements like Images, Layout Templates, CSS and JavaScript will become more modular. Everything can be managed within a single module.

Magento 2.0 promises to be welcoming change, both for the end users as well as the developer fraternity. With high usability and easy to comprehend interface, the CMS promises to render an iconic web experience.
Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with magento development company at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various magento technology blogs and provide services to hire magento programmer.

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