Exchanging words is now easy with WhatsApp

These days everyone is using the amazing application named WhatsApp. People are able to stay connected to their friends, family and their loved ones. WhatsApp is considered as the most convenient way to catch up with your buddies. You can easily get it on your smartphone or android device via Google Play Store. And a simple registration process will enable you to use this application. Once you get it downloaded, installed and registered properly, you will soon see that if not all, most of your contacts are using WhatsApp. This shall automatically appear in the list of your WhatsApp contacts. From there you can easily exchange messages, pictures, videos and seriously a lot more.

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These days near about half billion people are using WhatsApp on a regular basis. In countries like India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico, the number of people using WhatsApp had increased tremendously. It has been estimated that every single day near about 100 Million videos and 700 Million pictures are shared via WhatsApp. To please its users WhatsApp is trying its best to maintain the interest of its users and as a result each day a new feature is added. WhatsApp shayaris or the latest video AIB video clip, everything can be sent via WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp users can also use this application for calling. All the calls made via WhatsApp are totally free of cost but will demand a working and strong data connection. Five years back when WhatsApp was started, it was having a very simple mission which was to provide people such a user-friendly platform which will enable people to connect with each other. Later on they have joined hands with Facebook so that they can achieve their goals more effectively. No doubt joining hands with Facebook was a wise decision because new doors of growth have opened for WhatsApp with that. Showbox

Nothing has changed for the users because of the partnership of two companies. The users were enjoying the application for a normal fee and the recent addition of this new feature has made this application even more user-friendly.

WhatsApp have become the most widely used mobile application especially among youngsters. This application is providing you everything which you need in an application of this category. It is also making all possible improvements to make this application best of its kind. If you have not used this application till now then, you must try it once. We bet that you will love the application and will become a regular user of it.